DIY Lavender Pillow Mist and Linen Spray


Good morning! And also, happy Fall season!

The closer we get to the rainy season, the more cozy I want to make my bedroom. So, what better way to start than with a pillow mist? It combines aromatherapy with calm sleep, so yes!

You will need:

  1. Lavender essential oil (or any fragrance you like)
  2. Distilled water
  3. A spray bottle (any size will do)
  4. Some cute stickers (instant flair!)

How to:

Open your spray bottle and carefully pour in some drops of the lavender essential oil. Don’t overdo it, just 5-6 drops are enough. I prefer lavender, because it’s the most calming fragrance (for my taste), but you can also use chamomile or lemongrass. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water and add some stickers. Give it a good shake and ready! Piece of cake!

Now you are ready to make your linens and your pillow smell like heaven! Just remember to always shake the bottle before use and that 1-2 spritzes are enough.

Also, don’t try it on your dog. Mine was skeptical even with the photo making process.  *Photobomb*


Let me know if you’ve tried making a pillow mist! Did you like the result?

xo, Venetia


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