Taking off my makeup only with water?


No matter how much I love doing my makeup, I don’t think I will ever get in terms with how boring it is taking it off! I’ve tried everything, from lotions and micellar water, to makeup wipes, to cleansing foams, you name it!

This week I’m trying something new from the Glov company. It’s exactly what the name suggests; a glove that will take off all your makeup only with water! Sounds heavenly, right? I have the smallest version, the Quick Treat, so let me tell you my thoughts. First off, I think it’s brilliant that it’s a reusable tool, as its microfiber cloth will last for about 100 uses and it’s pretty easy to use, I mean you just add water and there you have it. It’s very soft on the skin, it felt very light and I was skeptical at first as to how my of the makeup it would take off, but it worked wonders. Mind you, I had lots of makeup on and it took it all off leaving my skin absolutely clean and not irritated at all! As I’m wearing eyelash extensions, I didn’t bring it that close to the lashes, but I’m sure it would remove mascara as easy. The only thing you need to do to clean it is to wash it with a little soap and it’s as good as new!

I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot in the future and I’m giving it a big thumbs up!



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