I finally got to Meet Matt(e) Hughes

Just when you thought that the perfect man does not exist, there comes Matt(e) Hughes! And he’s basically the dreamiest guy you can think of; he’s charming, dedicated, loyal and what not!

Of course I’m talking about the liquid lipsticks from The Balm Cosmetics which I’ve been putting off buying for such a long time, but I finally caved in and got my hands on the set of the 6 (prettiest imo) mini lipsticks. The set comes with the shades Committed, Doting, Sincere, Charming, Dedicated and Loyal which range from nudes to warm mauves and rich reds.


All this time I’ve been hesitant to get them because of the price point (they retail at about €21 in Greece) which I thought is kind of high for a brand that I haven’t tried before, so it was rather clever of them to come out with mini versions (at €30). The bottles are a bit smaller than I expected them to be, but to be honest, as a lipstick mega-hoarder, I know I’ll never go through a whole bottle of liquid lipstick, so I’m ok with that. I can always get the full size product, anyway!


I must say that the quality and application did not disappoint me at all! They go on the lips smoothly and not patchy at all, except the shade Doting which was the least opaque of all and needed a second layer. I loved that just one dip of the wand was enough to go over the lips fully and I suppose that it’s because of its creamy, almost moussey, texture. Mind you, they dry super quickly! For me that’s a plus because I hate having to wait for the lips to dry, especially when I’m on a hurry, so these are perfect to have on the go.

The only thing that bugged me was the smell…! They smell like peppermint, which is one of my least favorite smells ever and not only do they have that quite strong smell, they also give a cooling effect on the lips which took over 2 hours to tone down… Not a fan of that at all! They also tend to be just a bit sticky, but nothing that a small touch of translucent powder cannot fix!


All in all, I’m very happy with how they turned out and I think you should give them a try. Even though they are a bit pricey, like many high-end brand liquid lipsticks, their application and that they are long-lasting, won’t let you down. Thumbs up, Matt(e) Hughes!



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