Inspiration : Warm Earthy Tones

Inspiration : Warm Earthy Tones
Fall is my favorite season. I love that it is not too warm and I feel connected to nature more than during any other season. This week I’m loving warm earthy tones of sand brown, grey and black. They make me feel very cozy. This is pretty much what I always have with me. Pencils, a notebook, a neutral matte lipstick, all in my black bag and coffee in my hand! Remember that now is the season to invest in a warm blanket, that will be also useful as a bad throw or a couch companion when reading. I think, that a knitted one is perfect.

H M black crossbody bag
€40 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics mac cosmetic
€27 –

Williams Sonoma grey blanket
€115 –

White wall art
€62 –

Sloane Stationery blue box
€22 –

Kate Spade thermal mug
€16 –
xo, Venetia

Inspiration : Lush Minimalism

lush minimalism (A Scoop Of Coffee Blog)

Kate Spade acrylic drinkware
€16 –

Black pen
€12 –

H M wire basket
€11 –