What’s in my bag (Fall 2016)


Hi dears! Today I’m back with a new post and I’ve decided to show what I have in my bag currently. I’m usually very chaotic about what I carry but lately I’ve been in a minimalize-all mood and my bag’s contents were no exception!

I always carry this black backpack and honestly thank goodness they’re back in style, because backpacks are the easiest thing to carry around. This one may be small but it can fit a lot inside! What you see is what I have with me on a daily basis.

  • My current favorite book, How to be Parisian wherever you are (by Caroline de Maigret)
  • A watch by Daniel Wellington
  • My iPad mini
  • Keys with a fluffy fur pon pon
  • Sunglasses by Stradivarius
  • Wallet by Stradivarius
  • A small makeup bag with some essentials like a mirror, lip balm and lipstick, hand cream and sanitizer, random hair clips and moisturizer samples and, of course, tweezers!
  • A pair of earbuds by Tally Weijl
  • My Filofax planner and a pen

It’s pretty much the basics and they don’t tend to change a lot.

What do you tend to carry around? Leave me comment!